Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Old Times at Comiskey Park

A while back, I featured Jerry Dybzinski at Comiskey Park. I met him during batting practice in 1981 while he was with the Cleveland Indians. Two years later, I met him on 'Picture Day' after he had joined the Chicago White Sox. Today, I am featuring someone else I met on both of those days.
I was a fan of Dave Duncan from his playing days with the A's. In November of 1976, Duncan was traded to the White Sox from the Baltimore Orioles. In March of 1977, Duncan was released by the White Sox, having never played a regular season game for the team. Ordinarily, this would make Duncan a great candidate for a "Cards That Never Were" creation by Steve at White Sox Cards. For some reason, Topps produced a card of Duncan for the 1977 set. It is an airbrushed classic, but a White Sox card nonetheless. I do think Steve would have done a better job though.
Duncan became a coach with the Indians shortly after retiring. I was hanging around behind home plate during batting practice when Duncan walked over. I remember talking to him about his White Sox card. He called it awful and we all laughed. I told him he should join the Sox coaching staff and then we could at least get a local produced set featuring him really in a Sox uni.
Two years later on 'Picture Day', I welcomed him to Chicago and reminded him of our chat. Of course, I knew he wouldn't remember a meaningless chat. He did laugh politely and insisted he did remember. He eventually did appear as a coach on some Sox cards from TruVallu.
Finally, I have a question for Sox fans. Is that Floyd Bannister in the picture with Duncan?
Dave Duncan in Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL-Summer 1981.
Dave Duncan (left) in Comiskey Park in Chicago, IL-Summer 1983.

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