Monday, May 3, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is another in a series of meetings of my friends and celebs.

I first met Jim Strong last December when he saved my day. We were at a Klinger Promotions event and my camera bombed. Jim took some shots for me and sent them my way later. That act of kindness earned him a spot in a Friendly Encounters feature.
Recently, Jim attended the World of Wheels show in Rosemont (IL) and naturally brought his camera. He met Melina of WWE fame there and sent along the picture to share here. Jim sent along the picture below along with a quick update.
He will be doing some photographic work for Heather Klinger as Klinger Promotions brings in Dusty Rhodes for a signing appearance on May 8 in the Chicago area. Jim is also getting a lot of bookings for wrestling shows. Many of Jim's photos are viewable on his Facebook page.
Jim's a good guy and takes great photos. If you go to these such events, you are sure to see him snapping away!
Jim Strong and Melina Perez in Rosemont, IL-March 2010.



I have never been into WWE but after reading your blog and watching the Apprentice I am going to start watching WWE

Johngy said...

I was more of a fan of the 80's WWE. Still, WWE and TNA are fun entertainment, if you don't take it too seriously.