Saturday, June 19, 2010

GT's John and Louie or ESPN's Joe Morgan?

Over the last few years, I have interviewed many sports personalities. A couple years ago at Dodger Stadium, ESPN's Joe Morgan gave us a very short answer as he walked by us. Later, he talked to us much more at length while in the Pressbox (and presumably off the record).
I have no problems with Morgan (except I still think Ryne Sandberg was just as good). Everyone has the right to (politely) refuse an interview request (no matter how brief). I also give applause to Morgan for talking to us in the Pressbox, because there he is really free to be left alone.
Morgan is a Hall of Famer and a top broadcaster on ESPN. When he is around, everyone knows it. He commands respect. Baseball people willingly (eagerly) talk to him. While Louie and I were at Citi Field last month, Joe Girardi talked to Morgan at length during batting practice.Global Traveler, Louie and I don't quite command that respect...yet! While we did get a few good interviews from people like Mick Kelleher and Tony Pena, we also were turned down by many Yankees. Some of the others (like Brian Cashman and Girardi) cruised right by us . I don't blame them, GT isn't ESPN.

Some day GT will have the respect that ESPN has (hey GT is 25 years younger). Some day I might command some of the attention that Morgan does (okay, this one is a stretch). My point is, despite not being HOFers or being associated with one of the leaders in sports coverage, we do pretty well...and we have a lot of fun!


White Sox Cards said...

I have to admit, that's the first positive thing I've heard about Morgan in years. I already have much more respect for you than I ever had for Joe Morgan. As long as you keep it fun, GT will be a rousing success! :-)

BTW, I'd rather watch your interviews with baseball personnel than the usual cookie cutter interviews that ESPN usually doles out.

Keep up the fantastic work!

Johngy said...

You made my day. Have a great one.