Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrea Evans

As well-documented here, I have been a fan of Andrea Evans for a long time. I watched her on tv's One Life to Live back when I was in college (it was better than actually going to class). Today though, I am going to use this space to highlight a cause very important to Andrea.
Andrea's mother is a survivor of breast cancer. Andrea and her family are big supporters of Walk for Hope. Andrea has been the Ambassador to several Walks and her and her family usually make the Walk at one or two locations each year. I have had the pleasure of meeting Andrea at several Walks in the Chicago area.
Over the years, I have also had the pleasure of getting a few sponsors connected with the Walk for Hope. Obviously, it is a great cause and I am glad to have contributed a little over the years.

The Walk itself is truly inspiring. The majority of the Walkers and attendees are clad in pink. Most are there to support or remember a relative or friend who had cancer. There are plenty of laughs, tears and hugs.
This year, there will be a Walk for Hope in 8 cities (Chicago, LA, Philadelphia, Phoenix, SD, SF, Seattle and Washington DC). I'll be at the Chicago event, which will be in October).
Happy birthday Andrea and thank you for your tireless work with the Walk for Hope.
Andrea Evans and me in Evanston, IL-Late 1990's.

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Greg said...

Just saw her on an episode of The Mentalist.