Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Covers:Will Lavender & Obedience-Part 2

Yesterday, I posted the first part of my Q&A with first-time author Will Lavender. Lavender's Obedience is a fast-paced labyrinth of a book. Reality is the key and is often questioned. One thing that is not questioned is that the book is a major success and one of my favorites.
I wondered if Lavender considered other endings for Obedience?

Yes. Obedience was going to be a straightforward thriller, where the events occurred, just as the mysterious professor claims they did. However, as I got into the novel and began how trippy and borderline surreal it was, I knew I had to fit the ending on accordingly. It has been a bit controversial; some people hate it, others love it. What I really wanted to do was write an ending that would be memorable. I love the mystery/thriller genre, but I am not fond of a lot of endings. Even my favorite novels have endings that just sort of happen: "The killer was this it was this guy! The end." I wanted to go all out and try to tie everything together in a way that would make the reader feel something--even if it was fury. I think I did that. At least I hope I did.
Finally, I had to ask for a hint about Dominance, Lavender's second and forthcoming novel. Dominance is the story of an unusual literature course and the search for a reclusive novelist. While watching one of my favorite television shows--Forensic Files--one night, I began to think about the set-up of my next novel. I thought about a college course taught by a convicted murderer. The murder would have to be brilliant, and of course the class would have to be taught via satellite. I wondered what this murderer would do if given the chance to teach the class, what lengths would he go to to talk about himself and his crimes. Of course, the class is not what it seems, nor is the brilliant professor...and the students themselves find that they are not really taking a literature class at all but are attempting to solves a decades-old murder by decoding clues their professor gives them.
I really appreciate Will Lavender taking time to answer my questions. I encourage everyone to check out Lavender's site and definitely read Obedience!


Mike Gonzalez said...

Fascinating. How cool that Will Lavender cooperated.

Paul said...

Sounds intriguing!