Monday, June 14, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly feature highlighting friends who have met celebs.

Josh Watko is the creative force behind JW's Wrestling Memorabilia. It's a great collection of wrestling stories, pictures and random info. About a month ago, I wrote about Josh meeting Mae Young. Today, I am featuring Josh with Mike McGuirk, a former ring announcer for the WWE.
McGuirk, who was with the WWE from 1987-1993, was known for wearing a tuxedo to the ring to perform her duties. Since she left the WWE, McGuirk has remained out of the spotlight.
Josh recently attended the Legends of the Ring X, where he met McGuirk, making a rare public appearance. As usual, I'll let Josh tell his story.
I think the winner of the nicest star at the Legends of the Ring X convention goes to Mike McGuirk. Mike seemed truly as happy to meet the fans as we were to meet her. She also seemed happily overwhelmed that people wanted to meet her.
Keeping a personal tradition anytime I meet a classic WWF announcer, I had her pose with the 1990 WWF Toy Microphone which is a great facsimile to the real deal. Like Mean Gene Okerlund and The Fink before her, she seemed to really like the idea.
Ms. McGuirk is a classy lady who is looking forward to doing more of these shows and meeting more fans.
Josh will be making more appearances here in the future. Until then, check out his site for continually interesting stories.
Josh Watko and Mike McGuirk in Monroe, NJ-May 2010.

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