Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Ghoul and The Johngy

The origins of The Ghoul actually date back to 1963, when Ron Sweed met Ernie Anderson. Anderson was Ghoulardi and Sweed eventually became The Ghoul.
The Ghoul has been entertaining people for decades on tv, radio and in person. I had the pleasure of meeting The Ghoul at the Motor City Comic Con. I also had the opportunity to interview him for an online piece for Global Traveler magazine. Below is part of that interview.
The Ghoul is a comical character at times, but he can teach very big lessons at times. The Ghoul is a big ball of energy. He states that he doesn't like being bored, so he keeps moving ahead. I love his line, "Keeping crazy is what makes me sane!"
My video snippet is just one slice of The Ghoul. You really should check him out on his website and anywhere else you can.
I would like to thank the Motor City Comic Con and especially The Ghoul for his time and consideration.

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