Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Quite A Buzz (Capra)

Buzz Capra had an interesting seven year career in the major leagues. He had a career record of 31-37, which isn't bad considering the records of some of his teams.
Recently, I met Capra at AU Sports in Niles (IL). We were all eager to hear some of his stories and he did not disappoint.
He picked up his second career win in a game in which he batted in the only run scored. He allowed only 3 hits in 8 innings before being relieved by Tug McGraw.
In 1974, Capra went 16-8 with a league-leading ERA of 2.28. This earned him a spot on the All-Star team and a 9th place finish in the Cy Young award voting. He also finished in 20th place in the MVP vote.
One other big moment happened in 1974. Hank Aaron hit home run #715 to break Babe Ruth's record. While Braves pitcher Tom House caught the homer in the bullpen, Capra was right next to House. He kids that he raced over and tried to edge out House.
Capra said that time was crazy. Aaron went through a lot and so did his teammates, but it was all worth it when Aaron broke the record. What a thrilling time.
Buzz Capra and me in Niles, IL-March 2010.

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