Thursday, July 1, 2010

Time to Go Digital

I admit it. Digital cameras scared me. I am not really sure why I have some fears of technology. I do okay once I learn the concepts. I guess it comes down to helplessness when something goes awry. Still, it was way past time for me to get a digital camera.
In the past, I usually had a photog or videographer. When I had nobody to assist me, I usually brought a disposable camera. I had some mixed results, but nothing really bad, until the fateful day in Waukesha (WI).
Chuck 'Cuzz' Gekas and I made the trip to meet Larry Haney (a viable candidate for the Backup Catcher Hall of Fame) and Ron Hansen (former White Sox shortstop. We were excited about meeting both.
Unfortunately, my disposable camera failed me. The results were almost not usable. It was such a wasted opportunity. I was very sad and finally learned my lesson.
With the assistance of JayHawk Evans, I purchased a digital camera. These such pictures should be a thing of the past.
At least we have the memory of meeting both men. I talked a bit to Hansen about how my dad was a big fan of his. He seemed very touched that people actually were very interested in his career and his life after baseball.
Ron Hansen, me and Cuzz in Waukesha, WI-March 2010.


kc said...

my hendry post is done, check it out....

Tom said...

Digital is the way to go! Digital cameras take photos that, when printed, look just as good as those taken with film cameras. I was also reluctant to make the move to digital but once I did I never went back. Plus, the money I've saved for processing has more than made up for it.