Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alan Trammell for Manager?

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to cover the Cubs at Wrigley Field. The previous day, Lou Piniella announced this would be his last season as Manager of the Cubs.
Sometimes it comes down to good timing. Sometimes it comes down to bad timing. For me, it was good timing, as I got to experience the buzz around the field as speculation ran wild about the future manager.
Cue Alan Trammell and bad timing. Poor Trammell. He was the center of a lot of discussion. Oh sure, Bob Brenly and Ryne Sandberg are also in the rumor winds, but they are a safer distance from the press.
Trammell was a 'wanted' man from the minute he stepped on the field Wednesday. The press had to wait until his batting practice routine was over, but then he slipped quickly into the dugout and then the clubhouse. The gaggle of reporters (myself included) apparently pulled enough weight to get Trammell to reappear for an impromptu interview session.
Unfortunately my recording equipment did not get the audio very well, but the basic scene can be viewed below. Trammell was a complete professional. He basically said he is always interested in opportunities, but for right now he is concentrating on his coaching duties.
Trammell previously managed the Detroit Tigers for three seasons. He is definitely a viable candidate for the managerial position in 2011.


Sky Torvis said...

I'd like to see either Trammell or Brenly take over. I'd settle for Sandberg but he's just the popular choice in town.

Johngy said...

I'm with you on this one.