Friday, July 23, 2010

Tammy Sytch and Her Slammy

Tammy Sytch has had an outstanding career in pro wrestling. Sytch is a future lock for the WWE Hall of Fame.
Sytch has experienced massive popularity which even carried over into the main stream. She has also experienced some personal woes and has been honest and open about her life.
Above all, Sytch is good to her fans. She truly is a fan favorite. Sytch is always friendly, talkative and willing to pose for pictures. Sytch has also been known to remember people she meets at conventions. Sytch remembered me a couple times and I have seen her recall others and specific details, too.
Last October, I unexpectedly ran into her at the Ultimate Collectibles Show. As usual, she had a buzz around her booth. Then I saw one of her Slammy Awards. This was my chance to hold a genuine Slammy and I was not going to miss it.
A Slammy Award is an award presented by the WWE for various achievements. There have been several incarnations of the concept. Sytch won her two Slammy Awards in 1996.
I might never hold a Heisman or a Hall of Fame plaque. Now, thanks to Sytch, I have felt the excitement of holding a Slammy!
Tammy Sytch, a Slammy award and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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