Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Beating the System

At the end of the convention, when all work is done, it is time to have a little fun. At the 2010 Motor City Comic Con, I did not get interviews with Daphne Duplaix nor with Larissa Gomes. I also did not feel the need to buy signed pictures from either.
Some celebrities have strict photo-taking policies. Some don't allow any (Adam West at times). Some don't allow any without a purchase. Some will yell.
Being tired and not particularly caring to find the policies of either Duplaix or Gomes, Cuzz and I decided to "beat the system". Yes, it's silly. Yes, we need to work on the logistics to get better shots. Yes, we really were tired enough to attempt such pettiness.
Anyway, over Cuzz's right shoulder is Duplaix. Between Chuck and I is Gomes. See it all makes sense.
Speaking of making sense, why do I look inches taller than Cuzz, who is roughly my height? This same concept of 'Johngy the Giant' can also be found in a previously published photo of my friends and me with Greg Luzinski.
Daphne Duplaix, Cuzz Gekas, Larissa Gomes and me in Novi, MI-May 2010.

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