Monday, July 5, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly feature highlighting my friends meeting celebs.

Jamin Hillwig has been a huge help to me in my work covering the Motor City Comic Con. He has met a lot of celebrities and I am happy he is willing to share the pictures and stories here.
His most recent contribution is a favorite of mine, although for a different reason than Singer being a favorite of Jamin. My fandom started with Singer's portrayal of John Cappelletti in Something for Joey. As usual, I'll let Jamin tell his story though.
In 2004 my wife and I had the unique pleasure of meeting Marc Singer at the MCCC. We were both fans of tv's V back in the 80's. For me it was a little different because my brother and I used to play V. My little brother would always play Mike Donovan (Singer) and I would play his Visitor friend Martin (Frank Ashmore). My brother insisted on playing Donovan because he was a brat and I played Martin, because at the time, I kinda resembled him. So meeting Singer was literally meeting a childhood hero.
I brought along my dvd copy of V:The Final Battle and I was really excited, because in the press you were starting to hear about V making a comeback. After a very short wait in line, I was in front of the man himself. He immediately shook my hand and said, "Hello, Sweetheart" to my wife. He was one of the nicest guys you could meet.

We immediately started to discuss V...what it was like to be part of the show and what was ahead. He told me he signed on, along with Robert Englund (Willie), Faye Grant (Juliet Parris) and the word was that Jane Badler (Diane) was very interested. My wife was going to ask about Podo and Kodo from his Beastmaster movies, but she forgot, probably because she was just as 'geeked' as I was.
I did remember to ask about an appearance he made on tv's
Highlander, where he played a villain from down South. His accent was spot on. I, being a native Southerner, noticed this. I asked him how he did this since most actors doing a Southern accent tend to go over the top. To Southerners, this sounds terrible and hackneyed.
Just as we were about to leave, he told us we forgot to pay for the autograph. We were a tad embarrassed, but we explained to him that we just got to meet a childhood hero. He said he completely understood. That's how cool, down-to-Earth and personable a guy Marc Singer really is. He is definitely one of my favorite celebrities I have ever met.
Singer is one of my favorites, too. I'll have to live vicariously through Jamin, at least until I get the opportunity to meet Singer.
Susan and Jamin Hillwig and Marc Singer in Novi, MI-March 2004.

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