Friday, July 16, 2010

The Bionic Woman

Lindsey Wagner played four different roles on tv's Marcus Welby M.D., but it was her portrayal of Jaime Summers on The Six Million Dollar Man, which catapulted Wagner to stardom. That role was supposed to be a one time appearance (in fact, she died at the end of the episode), but the character was so popular, they brought her back (she had been put into a cryogenic suspension). She went on to star in her own series, The Bionic Woman.
Wagner looked great at the Motor City Comic Con. Cuzz and I were happy to meet and talk to her. She happily greeted her fans and posed for pictures. We didn't get too much time to chat with her, though. Time constraints hampered our efforts.
Chuck E. Gekas, Lindsey Wagner and me in Novi, MI-May 2010.


Tom said...

Awesome! I watched that that show every week back in the day.

Johngy said...

She was very cool.
Thanks for stopping by.

It's All Wanderlust said...

She was my IDOL growing up ... because there weren't very many female action heroes or stars of their own show back then that weren't housewives or maids, etc. Looking back, they made her very tough and spunky in the pilot and then when she was on her own show, they kind of watered her down....oh well...she was still a pioneer. Did you ask her if she got a good night's sleep on her Tempurpedic bed?????