Thursday, July 15, 2010

What About Raven?

At the Motor City Comic Con 2010, I met wrestler Raven for the first time. Several years ago, JayHawk Evans and I saw Raven wrestling up close at the Pillman Memorial event in 2001. Raven and Justin Credible brawled outside of the ring, practically in JayHawk's lap, but we were never formally introduced.
Raven was an interesting guest at the MCCC. I have to applaud him for his merchandise selection. Look at the table in front of us. There are at least 10 8x10's, a tshirt and some old magazines (with Raven on the cover). That is how you do a show. Raven sold a ton of stuff, because he had a ton of stuff from every phase of his career. He appealed to the fans from all over his 20+ year career.
Too often I see celebs with just a couple photos for sale. They are limiting their success and disappointing fans, too. Bringing a few more photos doesn't increase the luggage that much and it is well worth it.
Raven (or Scott Levy) was spotted at several vendor tables during the weekend. He is a noted comic fan. He looked to be having a lot of fun just perusing the many tables.

Raven would have seemed to have had the perfect weekend. He presented the perfect table for merchandise sales maximization and he probably added a few pieces to his comic collection.
Raven, JayHawk Evans and me in Novi, MI-May 2010.

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