Wednesday, August 25, 2010

On the Beat with Andrew Cashner

A few weeks ago, while at Wrigley Field covering the Chicago Cubs for Global Traveler magazine, I managed to squeeze in one quick question to young Cubs pitcher Andrew Cashner. Cashner was down the left field line signing autographs for dozens of fans. When he finished, he quickly headed to the dugout, but I intercepted him and managed to corral him for one quick answer.
Cashner was drafted by the Cubs in the first round in 2008 and is 1-4 in 27 games in this, his first season in the majors. Although a starter by trade (and used as such in the minors), Cashner has been used exclusively in relief in the majors.
With a limited window of opportunity, I went to the old reliable question of his favorite city to visit. Cashner, said Houston, because that is his hometown.
I need to refine this question however, as too many players are giving their hometown as the answer. It's not their fault. I would say probably say Chicago if I was a ballplayer. I probably need to add "excluding your hometown", but sometimes time and logistics require the question to be asked quickly and smoothly.
On the other hand, it could be interesting to see if any player ever changes the answer over the years. Maybe after visiting certain cities more often, his choice might change.
These are all small gripes (much like my gripe about my stupid camera which stuck in the "zoom" position). I'm still happy just to be out on the field and asking these questions for Global Traveler.

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