Thursday, August 26, 2010

On the Beat with DDP

I have met Diamond Dallas Page a few times over the last ten years. Page is a unique guy. He broke into pro wrestling at the age of 32. Just a few days after turning 43, Page won his first heavyweight championship. He went on to win the WCW Heavyweight title twice more. He also won several lesser titles and a few tag-team titles.
Page worked very hard to attain his success, especially considering how late he started. His story is a real success story.
Now retired, Page is concentrating on his acting career and YRG Fitness System. YRG stands for Yoga for Regular Guys.
When I recently met him at Wizard World, he showed me a few videos about YRG, which were amazing. Page did a short, but effective demonstration of YRG and how it raises your heart rate through concentrated stretching and yoga.
This isn't low-impact. It's no impact. It is great for the body with no ill effects.
This isn't a fad diet, nor a quick weight loss scheme. This is a real body transformation plan.
Don't just take my word for it. Listen to Page and then go to DDP's website to find out more about DDP and YRG.

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