Saturday, August 28, 2010

Seasons in the Sun

I am a bit of a scrapbooker. Well, really more of a photo-albumer. I always liked to get photos of anything in which I participated. Seriously, I think it comes from my need to feel I belong (somewhere). I have gotten several team photos of the various teams on with I played (even if only for a game).
Such is the case below with the vaunted Dogs of War softball squad. The Dogs have been together for about 20 years, although few original Dogs remain. I have been a member (of some sort) since 1997.
As players get older and lives get busier, the Dogs have expanded to about 25 players. At any given game, you might see any random 10 of us. Oh sure, it bends the roster rule a bit, but this isn't the major leagues.
As for me, I am happy to participate on any level. It's great fun. It's competitive, yet loose. It's intense, yet very calming. It's just a great summer tradition and a way to keep up (if even loosely) with some old friends.
There's long-time friend Jim Gekas in the black in the back row. Tony (from Empire Carpet ads fame), Ron (from last week's post) and Harry Comerford (one of the newer guys) round out that part of the back row. Frank Moy (long-time Dog), Pete Zundel and Jim Pellum (the rookie and nephew of Jim G.) are kneeling up front. Steve Stumpf (long-time Dog, slow-motion runner and avid Sox fan), me and OT Cano (Mr. Versatile) round out the right half of the back-ish row.
We don't have jerseys. We barely have bats. (Somewhere I found that hideous green hat, though.) Still, I am sure we all have smiles and good memories. I know I do!
The Dogs in Park Ridge, IL-Summer 2009.

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