Friday, August 27, 2010

On the Beat with Beth Horn

I interviewed Beth Horn (actress, fitness model, American Gladiator) a couple years ago at Wizard World in Chicago (IL). That was one of my first unplanned interviews and I did it without any video or photographic coverage. Horn was very nice as I bumbled through it. I have met Horn a couple times since and she always remembers and cheerfully greets me.
Recently at Wizard World 2010, I asked Horn if she would do a short video interview to update us on what she has been doing. This time I was set with a videographer.
We talked about doing a convention in her home town. She also told us that her movie Fancy Pants (which also features Roddy Piper) will be out later this year. The big news is a Johngy's Beat scoop! There will be an American Gladiators movie filming next year and Horn is hopeful for a role in it. She has her fingers crossed and we wish her good luck.

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Bitchin Kate said...

Fancy Pants sounds like a porn movie. Will Piper "act" in anything he's offered????? Sounds like it....