Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bear Down Sunday (Really Monday) #3

The Bears stand at 2-0 and tomorrow face the Green Bay Packers who are also 2-0. I'm not a meatball fan who thinks this is the only game that matters, but the Bears-Packers rivalry is huge despite what Coach Smith thinks. Additionally, with both teams off to a good start, this game should be interesting and a good test.
Hall of Famer Paul Hornung saw plenty of these games firsthand, while starring for the Packers. We discussed the heated rivalry when I met him last year. The picture below reminds me of how strange life is. Here was Paul Hornung, a Hall of Fame player, sitting at a card show with a cheesy hand-printed sign and few people approached him. People were more excited by the big current names at the show.
It probably makes me sound old, but it is the same as kids only looking for the rookie cards of today's hot stars. Here is a legit star and only a handful of people cared. I wanted to yell, "It's Paul Hornung!".
Oh well, to each his own. I should probably just be grateful there was time for me to talk to the living legend.
Paul Hornung and me in Willowbrook, IL-March 2009.

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