Monday, September 27, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly feature highlighting friends who have met celebs.

When we last saw Nick Verveniotis, he was hanging with the Simpson family in Ireland. Today, Nick is featured with another cultural icon, but much closer to home.
Nick's a great guy and not just because he usually plugs his appearances here on his Facebook page. Nick is much beloved and not just because he is willing to play catcher in 12 inch softball. I am sure Nick is already looking forward to recapturing his past dominance on the football field on Thanksgiving.
On a trip to Memphis, Nick saw Elvis and had the foresight to capture the moment for a Friendly Encounter (even before Friendly Encounters existed). One might ask why Nick is giving the 'metal' sign to Elvis (even Nick questioned it). This conjures weird images of Elvis trying to capture a new audience by releasing a metal cd. (There has been worse...see Pat Boone).
Anyway, it's always good to feature Nick here. The site viewership always spikes (by at least one) when Nick appears.

Nick Verveniotis and Elvis in Memphis, TN-Summer 2008.

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