Saturday, September 18, 2010

Celebrity Rookie Cards #19 Jerry Seinfeld & Fergie

They aren't perfect, but they are my attempt at the world of virtual cards. These are the Celebrity Rookie Cards.

Jerry Seinfeld is a diehard New York fan. On Seinfe
ld, Jerry's pal George Costanza worked for the New York Yankees, but that didn't stop Jerry from donning the Mets jersey and earning him a Celebrity Rookie card. Seinfeld played left field for one of the the comics softball game on an episode of Seinfeld and that's good enough for me.

Stacy Ann Ferguson is better known as Fergie. She is also known to be a fan of the Miami Dolphins. Her Celebrity Rookie Card doesn't list a position, but her number would indicate a running back. With her size, she'd have to rely on her speed and her moves to avoid being crushed.

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Hackenbush said...

There really should be Seinfeld cards. I'd buy them. Thanks for making one.