Friday, September 17, 2010

Gorgeous George and Not Gorgeous Johngy

A few weeks ago, I attended an appearance by Gorgeous George at Hell Fire Comics in Chicago Ridge Mall in Bridgeview, IL. It was promoted by PCW Wrestling, a great local promotion.
The folks at PCW do things right. PL Myers greeted everyone and chatted individually with several of us. The line was filled with good wrestling fans and a few of the PCW wrestlers were on hand as well.
Georgie (Stephanie Bellars) greeted everyone very warmly and exuberantly.. We talked about some of her other appearances (past and future) and then took the photo.
Georgie was sporting a new 'do and was getting rave reviews. She was in a great mood and everyone walked away very happy.
I love George (aka Stephanie Bellars).  She is so sweet and nice.  Of course, she is also beautiful, but you can clearly see that.  I enjoyed her time in wrestling and it was great to meet her again.  I wish she was still ion the wrestling scene or at least made more of these appearances.  I miss her!
These are the types of appearances which make the hobby so great. Everyone from George to PL (and PCW) to Hell Fire Comics really made you feel like you were special. What more could you want?
Gorgeous George and me in Chicago Ridge Mall in Bridgeview, IL-July 2010.

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