Thursday, September 30, 2010

Countdown to Lockdown

Mick Foley is a favorite of Johngy's Beat. I have met Mick several times at different events and he is always great.  At the Wrestlers Reunion in 2005, Mick was part of one of the most memorable celebrity encounters I have ever had.
My fascination with Mick started years ago when he was known as Cactus Jack and he was working hard to make it in the business. I saw Mick work his butt off through good times and bad to become one of the greats. His story doesn't end there though.
Mick is also an author, a real author, a New York Times best-selling author. Mick's three autobiographical books were written by Mick without the usual ghost writer. Mick also authored two best-selling novels, Tietam Brown and Scooter.
Tomorrow, Mick's newest book, Countdown to Lockdown, comes out. Mick takes us from his last days in the WWE to his big match with Sting at TNA's Lockdown event. Along the way, Mick shares his life and his thoughts. Mick is open, honest and humorous.
Johngy's Beat was on hand when Mick Foley appeared at Wizard World. Mick gave us a little extra fun by appearing in a quick video promoting Countdown to Lockdown and Johngy's Beat. The video was classic Foley. All that was missing was his old school "cheap plug" comment.
Getting to know Mick a bit more than the usual fan has been a huge pleasure and honor. Mick is an entertaining, hard-working and successful wrestler. He is also an entertaining, intriguing and somewhat offbeat writer. Most importantly, he is a genuine nice guy. To quote an old catchphrase and the title of one of his books, "Foley is Good".
Buy the book. I promise you'll enjoy it. If you ever meet Mick, tell him Johngy sent you.


Steven M said...

Hey Johngy,
I met Mick this week at a book signing, he seemed like a great guy.

Johngy said...

Glad you met him and had a good experience. If you have a picture, send it along and I'll feature you on a Monday Friendly Encounter.