Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Razor Shines Give Us Props

Yesterday, I posted our interview with Razor Shines, coach with the New York Mets. Today's video is a bit shorter and definitely not as steady, but for us it was hilarious.
When Scott, Matt and I attend Astros games (sitting close to the Astros dugout), we have made it a ritual to cheer the player who warms up the pitcher between innings when the regular catcher isn't ready. We have gotten acknowledgment from former Astros player Mike Lamb, as well as current Astros Geoff Blum and Humberto Quintero. It's all in good fun.
We have occasionally strayed and wildly cheered others, too. Sometimes it is the pitching coach. Sometimes it is an effective middle relief pitcher.
Last time in Houston (after the interview with Shines), we cheered wildly for Shines as he jogged to his coaching position near first base. Shines pointed to us and laughed. The laugh isn't audible and the point is a bit hard to see, but it was there, right about at the six second mark.

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