Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Money

Today is my nephew Matt Parker's birthday. I can't believe he is 22. I seems just like yesterday...
Big Money is a great guy. We have had a lot of fun watching Cash Cab, Mythbusters, wrestling, sports, Legends of the Hidden Temple and other silly things. Most of the time we have made Coke bets on the outcome of various parts of each. We probably have made 1,000 bets, but in the end, I believe he owes me about 3 Cokes.
One bet that I lost to him really cost me. I had to wear a White Sox jersey to Wrigley Field for a game between the Cubs and the Houston Astros. I forget if he had to wear the Astros jersey or if he just wanted to wear it. Either way, I caught more grief than he did. It's a screwed up world at times.
At least Matt isn't screwed up. Oh sure, he is a windsock at times when it comes to cheering for sports teams, but that just adds to the fun.
Happy Birthday, Big Money!
Matt Parker and me in the Cubby Bear in Chicago, IL-Summer 2006.


Jean Parker said...

Great picture! Happy Birthday Matt!

Fury said...


Thanks for making me choke on my morning coffee!

It's not that you don't look as good as your capable in that classy White Sox T, but I never thought I'd see such a sight.

"Luke my son...Come and join me on the dark side" :-)

Oh.......and a happy birthday to Mr. Matt!

Johngy said...

I am honored that you started your day with my site. See now you have something in common with King Kong Bundy, Erin Moran and the Ghoul. Wow, that would be quite a golf foursome.
Back to the point, I lost a bet and am a man of my word, no matter how much it hurts.
Hey, how do the Panthers look? Got to be better than the Bears.