Saturday, September 4, 2010

Rhythm and Blues and Hass and Johngy

As Hass and I walked by this booth, the Honky Tonk Man called out a "Jay Leno" to me. As I have previously written, Honky Tonk is a member of the Jay Leno Club and has jokingly debated about Terri Runnels calling me "Jay" before or after him.
I wasn't surprised by the Jay Leno remark, but I was surprised to see Greg 'the Hammer' Valentine sharing the booth. I met Valentine before, but never the former tag-team known as Rhythm and Blues together.
Valentine is a WWE Hall of Famer, while HTM is the longest reigning WWE Intercontinental champ. Unfortunately, Rhythm and Blues was not exactly a high point for either of them. Valentine was a great, but dying his hair black and adopting the guitar playing gimmick went against his traditional wrestling background.
HTM and Valentine actually wrestled together (sometimes called Double Trouble) a while before they reunited as Rhythm and Blues. Although they never won tag-team gold in the WWE, they did win the titles in the Northern States Wrestling Alliance. Also, Diamond Dallas Page's first appearance in the WWE was driving them to the ring in a pink Cadillac for Wrestlemania VI.
Honky Tonk was his usual fun self and Valentine was his usual quiet self, but both were definitely willing to talk a bit about wrestling. Honky let me hold the IC title belt. In the lower left, one of Johnny Valentine's (Greg's dad) is sitting on the table.
Greg Valentine, Hass, me and Honky Tonk Man in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.

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