Thursday, September 23, 2010

On the Beat with Jeff Bagwell

Jeff Bagwell and his 449 HR's should make it to the Hall of Fame in a few years. I had the pleasure of watching him up close several times a year as I visited my sister in Houston. Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing him in Minute Maid Park.
Bagwell was standing by the batting cage before batting practice. The Astros really hadn't started bp yet, therefore I took my shot and approached him.
My normally reliable video guy (my nephew Matt) missed the very beginning of my question, which was "how do you like being back in baseball?". Bags stated that he was really enjoying it.
Recently, I heard that he probably will not return as a coach because he wants to spend time with his family. While I am glad that I got to interview Bags (especially if he doesn't return), I can't help but think how cool it would have been if he gave us the possible scoop.
I know, I have to be dreaming to think Bags would give us the scoop. I'm just that would have been cool. Oh well, at least I logged in another (probable) Hall of Famer.

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