Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Happening!!

The tv sitcom What's Happening!! (yes, two exclamation marks are in the official title) was a light-hearted comedy in the 70's. Sometimes it was criticized for being too light and not attempting any serious shows about social issues. I applaud them for just trying to entertain people.
When I met Ernest Thomas (Raj) and Danielle Spencer (Dee), I told them I liked What's Happening!! for the entertainment and was glad they never went serious. They laughed a bit and said it was just a show and not meant to be a life-changer. If anything, it provided comic relief during tough times.
I like that attitude. It is always great seeing former young stars doing well now. Hey hey hey (sorry, I couldn't resist).

Ernest Thomas, me and Danielle Spencer in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.


Bitchin' Kate said...

Raj look good; Dee not so good. I loved 'em both and had a crush on Dwayne.

Johngy said...

Hey Kate-Good to see you back.