Saturday, October 23, 2010

Celeb Rookie Cards #24 Ric Flair & Elton John

They aren't perfect, but they are my attempt at the world of virtual cards. They are the Celebrity Rookie Cards.

I love today's pairing of two of the most flamboyant personalities in the given professions. Ric Flair is the limousine-ridin', jet-flyin', kiss-stealin', wheelin' and dealin' Nature Boy. He is considered one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all-time, both in the ring and in his promos. To be the man, you have to beat the man and nobody beats Ric Flair in a Carolina Hurricanes jersey on an old school hockey card. Woooooooooooooooooo!
Reginald Kenneth Dwight started his professional career before I was born. He changed his name to Elton John early on and started wearing colorful and interesting hats, glasses and shirts. John's appearance on a Celebrity Rookie Card is typical, as it features him in a Dodgers jersey, but one covered in gemstones and sparkles. He is wielding a bat, but I have to wonder what the opposing pitcher would think if someone dressed like that ever stepped into the batter's box.


Hackenbush said...

I like them. Did you consider trying Elton on a 1972 design?

White Sox Cards said...

Great cards! That picture of Elton John is priceless!

Johngy said...

H-1972 would be more fitting, but my concept (as convoluted as it might be) has been to use the card design which would be their "rookie" card (the card year after the year of their debut). I did say convoluted.

WSC-Sometimes, you just know it's a winner and that Elton picture is a home run! Glad I found it and glad I could make it into a card.