Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Days with My Sister and Erin Moran

Last year, I crammed a lot into a 4 day road trip. It was exhausting, but fun and productive.
I helped my sister Nancy move my niece Laura to New York for school. On the way, I stopped at the world headquarters of Global Traveler magazine in Yardley (PA). A few of us went to a Phillies game (Phils lost). The next day, I attended the Ultimate Collectibles Show in Oaks (PA).
At the show, we ran into Erin Moran, who we grew up watching grow up on tv's Happy Days. Moran is always in a good mood at these shows. I think she likes meeting the other celebrities as much as the attendees do.
Moran knows all about Johngy's Beat from the first time I met her a couple years back. This time, she did a promo for us, which can be found in the "Testimonials" column on the right side.
It was just one more reason why the trip was excellent. Even my sister got a bit of a kick out of meeting Moran (and a few others), while attending her first such convention.
Sadly, as I was writing this, I heard of the death of Tom Bosley, Erin's tv dad.  The guest book for Bosley can be found here at
Erin Moran, Nancy Blais and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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