Thursday, October 21, 2010

Revisiting the Marlon Byrd Shunning

Last week, I wrote about being shunned by Bobby Jenks and how his stats took a nose dive.  It got me wondering about some of the other people who have shunned us.  This brought me to Marlon Byrd, the previous most-recent shunner.
Byrd had a fine season for the Cubs.  He hit .293 with 12 home runs, 66 rbi's, 84 runs scored and 5 stolen bases.  Byrd shunned me before the game on July 21.  Let's see how his stats compare before and after the shun.
Before the shun, in 93 games, Byrd hit .315, with 10 HR's, 42 rbi's, 53 runs and 4 stolen bases.
After the shun, in 59 games, Byrd .259, with 2 HR's, 24 rbi's, 31 runs and 1 stolen base.
Percentage-wise, the only stat that is comparable is his runs scored.  Clearly, this is another case of the player going into a downward spiral after declining an interview for Johngy's Beat.
I am not making up this stuff.  I am simply presenting the stats as is.  I will continue this series, but for now it is...Johngy's Beat 2, the players (Byrd and Jenks) 0.
Marlon Byrd moments before shunning me at Wrigley Field-July 2010.

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