Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Autograph Tales:Eddie Olczyk

Eddie Olczyk was born in Chicago and played on the 1983-84 US Olympic hockey team. That team had a tough act to follow, which was the 'Miracle on Ice'. Then, Olczyk joined his hometown Chicago Blackhawks. This would be tough, too.
A lot was expected from the local kid. He was a good player, but the Hawks of that era needed a lot more than him. Olczyk lasted 3 seasons in Chicago, before being traded to Toronto.
Olczyk ended up having a solid 16 year career, including a return to Chicago, splitting his last 2 seasons between the Wolves and the Blackhawks.
During Olczyk's first season with the Hawks, I wrote to him. At the time, he did not have a hockey card, but what he sent back was much cooler.
Olczyk took the time to hand-write a nice note on regular paper. He apologized for taking so long to reply and he thanked me for the support. This was such a classy thing to do, especially for an young player on the rise. Olczyk is a good guy and I had a lot of enjoyment following his career and listening to him broadcasting!

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