Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bear Down Sunday #10 (On Thursday)

The Chicago Bears (at 6-3) face the Miami Dolphins (at 5-4) tonight.  Despite the short week, the Bears definitely have an advantage, especially since the Dolphins are starting their third string quarterback.
The Bears are coming off of a big win against the Minnesota Vikings.  The Bears played a solid game all around, but the key just might have been the play of the offensive line.  Jay Cutler had time to operate and he did well with that time.  In honor of that offensive line, I am featuring a great offensive lineman from my youth.
Bob Kuechenberg, who was a 6 time Pro Bowl selection during his 14 year career with the Dolphins.
I had the pleasure of meeting Kuech last year.  Like a lot of players from his era, he was humble and seemed almost uncomfortable in this situation.  I know the 1972 Dolphins receive criticism for their continual celebration of their undefeated season and I am sure Kuech is proud of that year, but he doesn't seem to live off of that now.
We talked about great offensive lines (and the Dolphins of his era had a great line).  Of course, I mentioned the great line of the 1985 Bears and Kuech agreed, although he clearly stated the Dolphins line was a bit better (okay, he is probably right about that).  Let's just hope that tonight, the Bears line will be the better of the two and that will help the Bears on the way to another victory.
Bob Kuechenberg and me in Oaks, PA-October 2009.

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