Monday, November 8, 2010

Friendly Encounters

This is a weekly feature highlighting friends who have met celebs.

The last time I featured Daniel X. O'Neil, I ran a picture of him as a youngster with Roy Gerela of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  While cruising his site, I saw another celebrity encounter he had and I asked him if I could run it, too.
I first met him during my time at Lerner Newspapers.  I sat in on a session he had with students at a neighborhood school and then did a small feature on him for the newspaper.  I was very impressed by his style and success with the students.
O'Neil is a writer, a poet and an internet consultant.  He is also involved in many civic-minded projects.  O'Neil's site is loaded with interesting blurbs, stories, poetry, pictures and anything else which might capture your attention.  He has a little of everything and something for everyone.  I recommend everyone check it out.
Of his Friendly Encounter with Rod Blagojevich, O'Neil says he was walking by the State of Illinois building when he ran into the then-Governor of Illinois.  Blagojevich recognized him and O'Neil asked for a picture.
We don't have many political pictures on Johngy's Beat (have there been any?) and I really appreciate O'Neil allowing me to run this one.  I also appreciate his work.  O'Neil is really one of the good guys.
Daniel X. O'Neil and Rod Blagojevich in Chicago, IL-Fall 2008.
(Photo courtesy of Daniel X. O'Neil)

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