Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Revisiting The Black Widow Trainer

Last week I reviewed The Black Widow Trainer, Craig Odanovich's debut novel.  After reading and enjoying it, I had the chance to ask Craig a few questions.  I enjoyed Craig's analysis almost as much as I enjoyed his book
Craig talks about how he came to write TBWT, including his observations at the gym, buying helpful books on novel-writing and putting together a focus group.  I found his approach and execution interesting.
Craig's approach to the sexual content is interesting, too. Misty's encounters aren't forced or blatant.  Once again, Craig uses a good balance.
I am always impressed when someone combines common sense with a creative sense.  I think this is a key component of Craig's success here.  Craig wrote about real human relations, reactions and feelings.  I never felt like I was reading fiction.  It was more like reading about a real person.  Also, this real person with exciting adventures had real problems and concerns about herself and her life.
Finally, Craig discusses the future of TBWT and of other potential works in his head.  He even gives us a few hints about what's ahead for Misty.
This is simply my shorthand version of my Q&A with Craig.  For Craig's complete answers and insight, please click on the box at the right  Craig's answers aren't shocking.  In fact, they make perfect sense.  Maybe that is part of why I liked TBWT.  It makes sense.  It is a fictional tale with enough drama and excitement to keep me hooked, but also enough normalcy to make it believable.
Craig Odanovich and his debut novel The Black Widow Trainer


Tina said...

After readin the first chapter and both of your posts, I plan on picking up this book. Thanks Craig for sharing this here.

Bob K said...

Craig's answers are interesting.