Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On the Beat in Ron Gardenhire's Office

The Minnesota Twins were awesome when we were at Target Field for a game in July. They gave us unrestricted access, which basically allowed us to go everywhere in Target Field and we went everywhere, including Ron Gardenhire's office for his pre-game press conference.
Everyone has a job to do (or as my friend Chuck says, "We're all professionals"), but I really don't know how coaches and players deal with the media sometimes.
It was raining and batting practice was canceled. The first question asked was about the rain. Gardenhire points to his pc screen, where he had a weather site already cued up. Again, the reporter had to ask the question and therefore Gardenhire had to answer it, but it seems silly.
Gardy seems to have magical powers in the dugout sometimes, but meteorology probably isn't one of them. Yet, there he is, answering a question about the storm's path.
The next question is about J.J. Hardy, who missed most of June with an injury. By this day though, Hardy had already been back and played in 10 games, hitting .379 with 3 RBI's and 3 runs scored. What is there really to question about Hardy. He is back and appears to be doing just fine. Yet, the question was asked and Gardy had to answer it.
Several questions were asked about various injured Twins. Gardy patiently answered them. I didn't hear any questions about the Twins-Sox series. Maybe those are asked post-game, when Gardy has to go through this whole routine again.
Don't get me wrong. Gardy has a great job and I would love to do what he does (questions and all). The reporters have great jobs, too. It all just seems like a bit of overkill. On the other hand, there might be another blogger out there writing about how some knucklehead asking questions about travel (although I save those questions for one-on-one sessions).

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