Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bear Down Sunday #13

Nobody really could have predicted that today's matchup would pit two of the NFL's best teams against each other.  The Chicago Bears (9-3) host the New England Patriots (10-2).   This begins a rough four game stretch, as the Bears play for the playoffs.
Last week, against Detroit, the defense was a bit off and the offense clicked.  This week, we will need both, but especially the defense.  Few players epitomized rough defense better than Steve "Mongo" Michael.  Adding a little flair to McMichael's resume for this piece is that he started out with the Patriots, before he starred for the Bears.
When I met Mongo at AU Sports, many people asked him about wrestling.  Maybe they had heard all of the football stories before.  Mongo said that Haku (King Tonga) was probably the toughest man he met in wrestling.  He also said Randy Savage was one of the craziest and Ric Flair really was the same guy on and off camera.  Mongo said without a doubt (and with no disrespect to wrestling) that he (as a football player) would have manhandled basically all of the wrestlers in a legit fight.
We also talked about his new venture as coach of the Chicago Slaughter.  The Slaughter had recently signed Jarrett Payton.  Mongo was happy to have the son of his former teammate, knowing that he would also bring fans.
Mongo is always fun to meet.  He is pretty much what you'd expect.  He was a bit bigger than I'd expected.  While he isn't in playing shape, I still wouldn't like to mess with him.
 Steve McMichael and me in Niles, IL-January 2010.

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