Saturday, December 11, 2010

Celeb Rookie Cards #31 John Cena

They aren't perfect, but hopefully they are getting better.  These are my attempt at the world of virtual cards.  These are Celebrity Rookie Cards.

Today I am featuring the Grand Slam of Celebrity Rookie Cards.  Pro wrestler-actor John Cena is the first CRC'er to appear on all four major sports cards.
Football is certainly Cena's most likely sport.  At Springfield (MA) University, he was a Division III All-American center.  In his early days of wrestling, he usually wore football jerseys to the ring.  This starts his California theme, but at least he went old school with the powder blues.
Cena threw out the first pitch before a Dodgers game and greeted the crowd with his signature "You can't see me" gesture.  A big thanks goes to Steve at White Sox Cards for putting together this baseball card.  Steve continues to be the king of creations.
For basketball, Cena stuck with his California theme.  For a guy raised near Boston, you'd think he would have donned the Celtic green.  Sitting next to Cena was Shane McMahon (son of WWE owner Vince McMahon...Shane-O was not wearing any jersey).
Finally, we have Cena's hockey card and finally he ventured out of his California dreaming.  Cena probably wore the jersey on a WWE trip to Edmonton.  Gretzky would have loved having Cena protect him on the ice.