Friday, December 3, 2010

Celeb Rookie Cards #30 Jennifer Love Hewitt & Britney Spears

They have never been perfect, but I think I am getting better at them.  They are my attempts to join the world of virtual cards, via Celebrity Rookie Cards.

Jennifer Love Hewitt has acted on tv and the big screen.  She has also sung, written a book and contributed to a comic book.  That has brought her fame, money, celebrity status, but it didn't get her on Johngy's Beat.  When she wore her Boston Celtics jersey while gardening, it landed her on a Celebrity Rookie Card and allowed me to create one odd looking card.
Larry Bird and the Celtics had Magic Johnson and the Lakers.  I felt compelled to present that symmetry here with Britney Spears representing the Los Angeles Lakers.  Hewitt is a bit older and shorter than Spears, but I still think she would take Brit on the court, but that could be my Celtics bias.


Unknown said...

Hewitt wins - hands down ! on any court, field or stage

Hackenbush said...

Love the "Love". She'd crush Britney.

Johngy said...

Well stated on both counts!

Tüpbebek said...

Thanks a lot!!!!
So good Page..
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