Saturday, December 18, 2010

Celeb Rookie Cards #32 Jared Fogle & Mark Wahlberg

They aren't perfect, but hopefully they are getting better and are enjoyable.  In either case, they are Celebrity Rookie Cards, my attempt to join the world of virtual card creations.

Jared Fogle gained fame by losing a lot of weight on his self-organized Subway sandwich diet.  I know, normally you would think I would not give more publicity to a "non-celebrity" celebrity.  However, even I can't argue with his success.  The diet worked and the ads worked.  When Subway started to go away from using Jared, the company saw sales drop.  When they brought him back, sales increased.  Go figure.  Jared donned the Colts uni for his Celebrity Rookie Card.  With the number of injuired to the Colts, maybe Fogle could help them, too.
Mark Wahlberg has come a long way from his days as Marky Mark, leader of the Funky Bunch.  Wahlberg has established himself as one of the better young actors of this era.  It was his performance as Vince Papale in Invincible which earned him his first Celeb Rookie Card.

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