Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Beat with Beth Horn (A Lost Interview)

While scrounging through some disks, I came across an interview I did with actress Beth Horn in 2008 at Wizard World.  It was an impromptu interview that I ultimately used for Global Traveler, although it was originally intended for a different magazine.
I had my recorder with me and I saw Horn.  I thought she would be a great fit for a specific local women's magazine in Chicago.  I approached her and she gladly gave me several minutes of her time.
We talked about her time on tv's American Gladiators, as well as her developing movie career.  She had recently just finished filming scenes for Fancy Pants, a movie which was scheduled for release, but has yet to be.  It also starred my old friends, Roddy Piper and Terry Funk.
I also discovered that Beth went to Resurrection high school on the northwest side of Chicago.  During my time at Lerner Newspapers, I am sure I saw Beth's name and picture many times in our high school sports section.
I caught up with Beth this past summer and posted the video here.  Now, if we can turn back the clock, here is my found 2008 interview with Beth Horn.

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