Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Old Times at Mount Carmel

Today, I am going back to my high school days for some hijinx. Technically, the picture is from my back yard, but it was taken while we waited for our friend to pick us up for the drive to Mt. Carmel.
This is another of those pictures that I love because of the wonderful 80's of it all.  Rick and I were both in our standard wear corduroys and our Mt. Carmel jackets.  I added the hooded sweatshirt (they weren't "hoodies" back then), while Rick had the back pocket comb.  Rick wore a winter knit cap, while I let my mane free (such a cap would have really given me a case of hat head).
We often sparred in the yard.  In reality, Rick would have killed me.  He had the reach, the height, the strength and the weight.  I might have given him a fight, but he would have won.
Rick was a good friend.  He was a key part of the cul-de-sac football that we played throughout high school.
Rick and I fell out of sorts late in high school.  I don't even remember what started it, but I know I gave him a lot of crap.  I was going through some rough times, but he was a friend and deserved better.
I lost track of Rick a long time ago, long before I was grown up enough to realize some of the problems I caused.  I never got to explain or apologize to Rick.
I doubt Rick will ever read this, but maybe someday he will.  Either way, at least I want to make that effort (too many years late that it might be).  I'd like a chance to talk to Rick and maybe heal an old wound.
Rick Kruk and me in Chicago, IL-Winter 1982.

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