Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Music Part 2:The Ramones

What says "Christmas" more than the Ramones?  Okay, maybe a lot of things, but that didn't stop Joey from recording "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)".
The Ramones are one of my favorite bands.  I credit Steve Marino for turning me onto the punk group in 1976 or so.  In those days, it was a rarity to hear any Ramones song on the radio or even see a Ramones album in a store (Hegewisch Records was the exception).
The Ramones are sort of like music's version of the Von Erich family, except the Ramones weren't brothers (nor were they Ramones).  Three of the four original Ramones are deceased (including Joey).  As far as I can determine, this song was one of the last songs Joey (aka Jeffry Hyman) recorded.

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