Friday, December 31, 2010

On the Beat with Christy Hemme

Wizard World is one of my favorite conventions.  I have attended and covered several of the events in Chicago and elsewhere and have always had a great time.  The vendors, artists and celebrity guests are all very people (and reporter) friendly.
At the last WW con in Chicago, I caught up with Christy Hemme.  I have interviewed Hemme a couple times in the past and she is always ready to talk about her music, travel or wrestling.  She is an excellent spokesperson for TNA Wrestling.
Fans can knock TNA Wrestling for a lot of reasons, but one thing nobody can deny is that they are extremely fan-oriented.  They have a lot of fan events and much of the talent is accessible.  At WW, fellow TNA star Mick Foley also talked to us and Kevin Nash posed with us, but we missed the interview times.
Thanks to Wizard World, TNA Wrestling and Christy Hemme for the time and consideration.They never tell me to write nice things, but this is what they deserve.

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