Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Iron Sheik Finds a New Friend

Hossein Vaziri was born in Tehran, Iran.  He competed in Greco-Roman wrestling for Iran in the 1968 Olympic games and was a bodyguard for the Shah.  He came to the United States and twice was an assistant coach for the US Olympic wrestling team.
Vaziri gained fame when he entered the world of pro wrestling adopting the ring name of The Iron Sheik.  As the Iron Sheik, he won the WWF World Heavyweight title and the WWF tag team tile once each.
I have met the Iron Sheik several times and he is part of the Jay Leno Club.  He always has something fun to say, but at Wizard World last year, I saw a whole new side o him.
I went with my buddy Hassan, who is Iranian.  Hass mentioned this fact to the Iron Sheik and talked to him a bit in his native tongue.  The Sheik's face lit up and enjoyed a several minute conversation with Hass.  It was a lot of fun to witness.
The next day when I saw the Sheik again, he asked about Hass and seemed disappointed that his new friend would not be there that day.  I told him that I would bring Hass to the next show when the Sheik was back in town.  Then I called Hass and told him he had to come the next time.  Maybe if the Sheik is at the Motor City Comic Con, I can persuade Hass to take that trek with me.
Hass, the Iron Sheik and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.

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Dodgerbobble said...

I love the Sheik when he's on Howard Stern. There's nothing to hold him back. That's when he's foul mouthed and honest.