Friday, January 21, 2011

Sybil Danning Did Not Scold Me

Sybil Danning has made a nice career out of starring in B movies.  She debuted in the late sixties, but took a nearly 20 year hiatus starting in the late eighties.  Recently, she has made a bit of a comeback.
Danning is probably the first celebrity I have ever seen yell at a fan at a convention.  Someone was trying to take her picture without buying any of her autographed items.  She scolded him and demanded he stopped.  The fan had already snapped his picture, but he did apologize.  Still, he didn't buy anything and he had gotten what he wanted.
I have since seen a handful of celebrities get upset at fans for various "infractions", including Ed Byrnes, Adam West and Cathy St. George (but more on this in a future post involving her and my friend Chuck).  I am kind of on the fence about this issue.  I can understand a celebrity not wanting to give away stuff, but these pictures are usually not great anyway, as they aren't posed.  I could understand a celeb being upset if someone tried snapping several shots.  It's a tough call, but either way, there has to be a better way than loudly scolding the fan.
Sybil Danning and me in Rosemont, IL-Late 1990's.

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