Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ted DiBiase Did Not Put Me to Sleep

Ted DiBiase is the adopted son of Iron Mike DiBiase, a professional wrestler who died in the ring while Ted was a youngster.  His mother suffered from depression and Ted lived with his grandparents.  He earned a football scholarship to West Texas State University, but dropped out to become a professional wrestler.
DiBiase had a long and successful career, winning many tiles, including the Million Dollar Belt, a "title" made just for his character, the Million Dollar Man.  He never quite made it to the top, but he came pretty close for a number of years.  The WWE did recognize his achievements by putting him in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.
When I met DiBiase at Wizard World, he was sharing a booth with Virgil, who was partnered with DiBiase for lengthy stretches during their careers.  I asked DiBiase to put me in the Million Dollar Dream, his version of the sleeper hold.  He asked me how tight I wanted it.  He slapped it on pretty good and Virgil kept yelling to pull it tighter.  (I think Virgil was just upset that I really didn't include him in the picture.)
This is one of those holds that can be legit.  Of course, in the ring, I know it isn't really putting the opponent into dreamland, but it could.  DiBiase didn't even give me his best and I felt how deadly it could be.
This  opportunity allowed me tio make up for one of the few misses from my time at the Wrestle Reunion in 2005.  I took a picture with DiBiase, but it didn't come out.  I mentioned this to DiBiase and he commented on how much for that event was.
DiBiase was a fun guy.  I think he is a guy who deserved more than he got in wrestling.  Hopefully his son Ted Jr. will climb to even higher heights.
Ted DiBiase and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2010.

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