Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vince Papale Joins the Jay Leno Club

Vince Papale has accomplished a lot in his life.  He caught the first pass in the history of the World Football League.  He tried out for and made the Philadelphia Eagles at the age of 30, thus becoming the oldest non-kicker rookie in the history of the NFL.  He was named special teams captain.  He was the subject of the movie Invincible.  Perhaps most importantly, he is a cancer survivor.  Papale added one more line to his impressive resume on January 18, 2011.
Papale asked me if anyone ever mentioned that I look like Jay Leno.  With that simple question, Papale joined the very exclusive Jay Leno Club, which is comprised of various celebrities who have mentioned my alleged resemblance to Jay Leno.  The Jay Leno Club now stands at nine members, including Patrick Warburton and wrestling personalities Evil Zebra, King Kong Bundy, the Iron Sheik, Larry Zbyszko, Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs and Terri Runnels.
Who knows when and where another celebrity will make question me about my Jay Leno resemblance?  When it happens, I will be sure to induct that celebrity into the club and report it right here!

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