Friday, February 10, 2012

Cuzz Buzz:Tia Carrera

Once again, we find Chuck "Cuzz" Gekas at the helm of Johngy's Beat.  Johngy could always use a day off and Cuzz is always up for the challenge of sitting in for him.

Tia Carrera first gained notice in the 1992 hit movie Wayne’s World, as a rock star and the love interest of Mike Myers. She went on to star several motion pictures including True Lies with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rising Sun with Sean Connery. She later starred in her own TV series the Relic Hunter and had a re-occurring role in Curb Your Enthusiasm. Johngy and I had the opportunity to meet Tia at the 2011 Motor City Comic Con. Tia was very appreciative of her fans and gracious as she posed with us for this picture. 

Once again we appreciate Cuzz grabbing the reigns and filling in for Johngy.  Cuzz is gaining quite a fanbase.  Could this become a regular gig for him?
Tia Carrera, JayHawk Evans and Cuzz Gekas in Novi, MI-May 2010.

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